The product offers competitive advantages, ease of use and easy dosage, security and logistic improvement becuase of the weight reduction:

Ease of use: dissolve the tablet in the amount of water recommended for each application. Disinfection is performed by contact. The dissolution of applied directly to the surface, leaving act and finally rinsing. It can also be dissolved, with cloth, baize or mop once.

Easy dosing: dissolves a tablet directly into a bucket between 8 and 10 litres of water. The dosage is only exceeded if required a disinfection with greater assurance.

Safety: the product is much safer than conventional bleach, since they are solid tablets. In case of breakage of the pot, not lost product not to be liquid. In case that a tablet will fall to the floor, it is collected and you can save again (as long as not been wet).

Logistics: pills are ultraconcentradas and take up very little. For this reason, can be supplied in three different formats: boats of 160 grams (48 pills), 0.50 kg (150 caplets) and 1kg (300 caplets). Taking into account that the pot of 160 grams (48 pills) equals 6 litres of conventional bleach, it represents a saving of weight, space and volume important when making the purchase. And also a face of the storage logistics cost saving.