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  • From: 5,08

    Disinfectant tablets for zoosanitary use ecommended for walls and floors disinfection at arms, footbaths, milking machines, disinfection of stables, machines and equipment in livestock facilities.
    Also can be used in veterinary clinics and for the disinfection of the pet zones.

    Relevant users: farms, blocks, spaces with pet and veterinary clinics disinfection
    Pot of 160g – 48 units
    Pot of 500g – 150 units
    Pot of 1kg – 300 units

  • From: 7,96

    Disinfectant tablets efcient against virus.
    Polivirus type 1, Adenovirus v 5; Murine Norovirus; avian influenza, H1N1 Swine flu; HIV; Hepatitis B, Herpes; Poliomyelitis; SARS coronavirus, Ebola.

    Relevant users: Virucidal, effective against virus and ebola
    Pot of 160g – 48 units
    Pot of 500g – 150 units
    Pot of 1kg – 300 units

  • From: 5,01

    Fruits and vegetables are vulnerable to parasites and bacteria that can cause serious health problems. Watering ¼ of a tablet and leaving fruits and vegetables for 5 minutes we can guarantee perfect cleanliness before consumption.

    Relevant users: Veggies and fruits disinfection
    Pot of 160g – 40 units
    Pot of 500g – 125 units
    Pot of 1kg – 250 units

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    From: 12,59 From: 6,29

    The tablets windscreen-wiper have an ecological formula, with 99 % of biodegradability.
    It gets in the tank, reflled by water, and a glass cleaner is obtained for all kinds of vehicles.

    Relevant users: windshield antifreeze for all types of vehicles.
    Pot of 54g – 12 units
    Pot of 450g – 100 units
    Pot of 900g – 200 units

  • Mosquito Repellent Cleanpill Tablets

    From: 5,59

    Adding citronella and geraniol oil helped us to reach mosquito repellent effect.
    Dilute with water and spray.

    Relevant users: Surfaces disinfectant with mosquito repellent
    Pot of 200g – 40 units
    Pot of 500g – 100 units
    Pot of 1kg – 200 units

  • Sporicidal Cleanpill Tablets

    From: 6,76

    Disinfectant and highly concentrated tablets killing bacterial spores resistant to the usual biocides.
    PH: 6,5. Bacillus Subtilis; Bacillus Cereus; Clostridium Sporogenes

    Relevant users: against the spores.
    Pot of 160g – 48 units
    Pot of 500g – 150 units
    Pot of 1kg – 300 units

  • Sterilisation bleach tablets for baby objects


    Cleanpill Baby sterilizers can guarantee an efcient sterilization of all the non-metal objects that babies put into their mouths.

    Relevant users: Sterilize all non-metallic objects that babies are carried to the mouth.
    Pot of 180g – 45 units

  • Fungicide Tablets

    From: 8,28

    Disinfectant tablets of spread spectrum, highly effective against fungus.
    Prevent the growth and kill fungus and mold damaging for plants, animals and human beings.
    Dilute with water and spray the affected zone.
    Perfect for any type of sports facilities, saunas, spa’s and showers.

    Relevant users: Multipurpose Fungicide
    Pot of 160g – 48 units
    Pot of 500g – 150 units
    Pot of 1kg – 300 units