Which is the equivalent of every bottle of Cleanpill tablets to how many litres of conventional bleach?

– 8 tablets – 1 L of conventional bleach
– 1 pot of 150 tablets (500 g) – 18 l of conventional bleach
– 1 pot of 300 tablets (1Kg) – 37 l of conventional bleach


I have used tablets multipurpose countertop in the kitchen, pots and cutlery. Later, I can read in the label the phrases of safety/caution about the danger in the environment. And I am asking me if I have to destroy my Cookware after using them.

No, because the tablets have been diluted in water for disinfection and only pollute in quantities giants if they are pulled into the aquatic environment.


What is the shelf life of the product? What happens if the product is expired?

The Middle pad expiration are 3-year- old, but in reality, after these 3 years chlorine only loses 1% effectiveness each subsequent year. It is not notable.